Thursday, March 17, 2011


Brecken Christopher Hansen
born March 10, 2011
8 lbs. 2 oz.
21 1/4 inches
we are so thrilled that our little guy is finally here! We are all adjusting very well! He is the sweetest thing, very mellow! Sky & Ari just love him! They always want to hold him and are constantly talking and singing to him!
We feel very blessed that we have yet another beautiful healthy baby!

Friday, February 25, 2011

growing and waiting....

so whats new since last week... well for one I am growing, well my belly anyhow~ we have 2 1/2 weeks till D-day. I however won't complain if he decides to still be a Feb. baby! He has 3 days to decide!
this is what 37 1/2 weeks looks like on me...I don't think its my best look but it could be worse :)
last week the girls also had their 2 & 4 year well child check ups!
They are both growing like weeds...

Skylar weighed in at 34 lbs (40% for a 4 yr old)
she is 41 1/2 inches tall (90% for a 4 yr old)

Ari weighed in at 30 lbs. (90% for a 2 yr old)
she is 37 inches tall (51% for a 3 YR OLD, ya and she's 2! We will have a tall girl on our hands)

as a reward for being brave at the doctor the girls got the treat of spending the afternoon at Chuck 'E' Cheese. They had a blast! Mom and Fred met us there for an afternoon of fun...we all slept good after (pretty sure mom and Fred did too)

sky riding with Chuck 'E'
Ari playing a game with Fred's help!

Other than that no big excursions for us...we had another good snow storm this week, but today its beautiful and sunny! Although we love winter we are also looking forward to spring so we can get out and walk, go to the park and maybe even hit up the ice cream shop (the girls fav part of walking to town)

here is a sweet pic from yesterday of Sky 'teaching' Ari to read!
Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend! I am really hoping my next post is a BIG announcement :)


Monday, February 21, 2011

little boys room

I have been working hard to get everything done around the house and had seriously been procrastinating on the little guys bedroom! It funny when I was expecting Skylar, Chris and I had the room done within 3 weeks of knowing we were having a girl!
I knew when I started planning his room I wanted something a little different and I didn't want it to have a cutesy baby feel but rather a clean, simple and vintage feel. We decided on an auto themed room (since Chris kinda likes cars :} )
I found most of the wall decor online, hobby lobby or good will. The crib and dresser are the same ones the girls had in their nurseries but I decided to refinish them to make them look more 'boyish', SUCCESS! I painted them in colonial blue and finished them with an antique glaze (MY NEW OBESSION, its so easy to use and I love the finished product!) Then Haley and I were out thrift store shoping and came across the coolest find at Salvation Army! It is an old Steamer trunk (early 1900's) we are using at as a book shelf in the room!

the full room view

here is our special find! can you believe we found it at salvation army?!? It has stickers from all over the world...switzerland, rome, egypt, japan, portugal, argentina, france...and several other places....and the best part we picked this beauty up for $18!!!!! All I did was recover the shelves with a cork contact paper, and I put lacquer over the stickers so the kids don't peel them off!

the crib and dresser I refinshed...and I made the curtains for his room!

here's the wall decor!

I still have a few odds and ends I am working on collecting to decorate but its done enough that he can come out now!!

The girls bedroom

So I finally finished the girl's bedroom! YAY! I love how it turned out! Fun with a little funk, perfect for my spunky girls!

some of the details.....
1. jewelry/dress up clothes hanger that I made out of all the left over fabric and an old frame, the only thing i bought were the drawer knobs... for less than $1 each at the hardware store
2. the cute shelves found on clearance at JoAnne fabrics...a little pink paint and they were perfect
3. of course...the sign, it doesn't surprise you does it?
4. the silhouettes of the girls ...I did this project one afternoon, really easy and I LOVE how they turned out!

more details:
1. the frame/mirror collage wall....found all of these on ebay for super cheap, less than $3 per lot of 3! sprayed them pink added fabric and ribbon to a few and wa-la!
2. the wall stripes over the beds!
3. the headboards! I also love how these turned out! And they were cheap to make, definetily makes the bed! Chris bought the wood and cut the pieces with a jig saw to give me the rounded tops, I covered them with batting and fabric!

Skylar & Ari's Birthday Party

    Wow, their birthday's were already over a month ago! It really is hard to believe that they are now 4 & 2! It really seems like we were just welcoming Ari's we are anticipating a little boy!
    This year we did the girls party at a place called The Blast Factory. It is such a cool spot for kids, a warehouse full of inflatables and bounce houses! SO the kids just run and bounce and most importantly burn off some energy! We had 15 kids join us this year for an afternoon of fun! The girls both had an amazing time celebrating with their friends!

There is a huge like maybe 12 ft slide, this is of the first time they went down, love the look on Ari's face :) I even went down once and it did make your stomach drop, it was a big slide!
the butterfly cake Sky requested

lovin' the cupcakes :)

present time!
A big thank you to everyone that joined us! You made the girls have a very special day!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

::snow day fun::

We survived the blizzard of 2011! We have crazy amounts of snow...2nd largest 24 hour snow fall on record! This morning we had about 2 1/2 feet against the doors, which made it a little difficult for the dogs to get out this morning, and seeing as how the snow was deeper than Bruiser is tall he was less than thrilled!
Skylar was super excited about the snow...she loves being outside and thinks the snow is just fantastic! We spent almost 2 hours this afternoon playing outside while Ari was a little cold but the sun came out and it was beautiful...I think we both needed the fresh air!

here is the little path that chris made to the front door
it was a great day with my girls!
they really do love each other

aren't they just precious!

and we had to have some bed jumping fun....the only casualty was chris' reading light...opps!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

::preview of the girls bedroom::

Here is a little peek at the girls bedroom...I started on it (quite) awhile ago but its been needing the finishing touches...which I am still working on but its getting closer. I am now in crunch time because I need to work on the little man's room :)
Thanks to my fabulous husband who cut the wood for the headboards, then I upholstered them. What do you think? The cute the flower night lights are from IKEA.

found all of these frames and mirrors on ebay
then sprayed pink and added my fabric and ribbon

i found these cute shelves at the fabric store on clearance ...a little paint and glaze they match the room perfectly.

i still have some things I am crafting for the room...I'll update when its TOTALLY finished :)


Monday, January 31, 2011

just a few recent pics...

we have been enjoying's a little peek into our world!

Sky turned 4 on Jan 10...where have the years gone!?!?! She has turned into quite the cool kid. She is my social butterfly, always making friends and up for new adventures!

Ari turned 2 last week...she is very much a mama's girl and VERY shy around those she doesn't know....and she's still a drama queen, in a HUGE way! :)

and here is the little guy...
6 weeks until his due date (this was taken at our ultrasound on Jan 13) He is growing right on track and we can't wait to meet him! Oh and no name yet...still working on that :)

and here is my growing belly...33 weeks in the pic, I am feeling HUGE!

Sky :: our little skier

Chris and I are so proud of our little girl! Since we both LOVE to ski it is only natural we want our kids out there too! I am bummed that I can't go out with her right now, but just maybe by the end of the season depending on when little boy arrives....
And these mad skills she has developed are totally the work of her GRANDMA FRYE....Chris works Saturdays at his new job and I can't ski because of being pregnant so Grandma Frye has worked with her the last couple of weeks and Sky has nailed it!! YAY so proud of her!