Friday, December 19, 2008

Budget Cuts & Blizzards

this is what happens when we have state budget cuts with a large snow storm...Chris ends up plowing out the neighborhood!!! I think he was in heaven though, he is a big boy who loves big toys :) And Skylar had a blast as well, she helped Daddy with about half our street and wanted to keep going! Just as Chris was finishing the Road Commission came through, but he did not even have to touch our street , he gave a BIG thumbs up to Chris...

33 weeks....t minus 7...

WOW seven weeks left! I can't believe that is all we have until we get to meet baby girl #2! It kinda seems as though this pregnancy has gone fairly quickly! All is going well, I do feel more uncomfortable this time around, but nothing out of the norm...Baby girl is growing right on track, as am I. As of yesterday I have gained 16 pounds, I am doing much better this time around :)
Yesterday we had an OB apt, one that was kind of bittersweet...we found out 2 weeks ago that my Doctor would be moving out of the area! So our last visit with Dr. Murphy was yesterday. He has been an amazing doctor and a true blessing, we will miss him tremendously but wish him the best of luck in his new ventures!
On Monday we have an apt to meet my 'new' doctor! I look forward to meeting her, I have heard wonderful things about her!
So there is the brief prego update, I will continue to update to let everyone know how things are progressing...and hopefully by the last week of Jan we will be posting to let you all know that baby girl has arrived!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I can't believe that my baby is almost this picture she looks so grown up to me! God has truly blessed us with an amazing little girl who is full of spunk and fire!
...and I can't believe that in 2 short months Skylar will be a BIG sister, and our family of 3 will be 4!!! SO many changes ahead.

Shower Time

Skylar loves taking showers, no more baths for this little girl...and if you ask her it is her shower! She would stay in the shower all day, she dances around and sings...Chris and I end up sitting next to the shower waiting for her to decide that she is ready to get out.


This past weekend we took Skylar out skiing, well Chris did more than I did, because I can't get on my skis right now:) Skylar seemed to love going fast down the hill, saying 'weeeeee' the whole way down the hill! She did not seem to like going slow...we have to work on her standing up by herself as she likes to just lounge back and let Chris hold her up! But for her first time out she did great. We went out for just an hour and all in all it was successful :) As we left she said 'no home, i ski'

how sweet...

the other night Skylar wanted to wait for Chris to get home, so I let her...After about 5 minutes it was very quite, I looked into the living room and she was fast asleep with her Buster boy...what a great picture!

Chocolate Lover

Skylar has decided that everything she must eat is we don't give in to this desire but she is always voicing it loud and clear! I do love the look at excitement she gets when she is allowed some chocolate...

Christmas Tree

our Christmas tree...

this was my bargain of the year! I wanted a tall skinny tree (artificial) for home but of course did not want to spend an arm and a leg on one! SO ... I found this one on craig's list for just $45, YEAH ME!!! It is exactly what I wanted and at a price better than I expected. I love our tree :)