Sunday, April 29, 2007


Today I went swinging for the first time and loved it! I need to tell Daddy to get me a swing for at home!!


So this is Burbank, is pretty cool, totally different than South LA (Orange Co) it is very hilly and has more mountains, it is pretty. So far Haley has been there a week without me and is still loving it, she is meeting lots of new friends and getting plenty of exercise walking all over because she does not have a car out there yet. I talked with her today and she said that next weekend one of the guys she met is going to teach her how to surf so she is pretty excited about that! W e do miss her a lot but it is a great time in her life to try a new adventure and see what the world has in store for her! And she picked a beautiful spot to live in that I don't mind visiting:)

Hangin' in LA with Aunt Hales

I spent all week with Aunt Hales (which was great since now I don't get to see her every day, since she decided to stay in LA). We had lots of fun during the day, she would dress me cute and hang out, she even put me in a bathing suit for the first time and took me to the pool. A couple of days I ot to even hang out with Carly which was pretty cool! Then in the afternoon when mom was done with training we would find a fun place to go eat, I usually slept through it all, but I guess mom & Aunt Hales had fun. My said I even went to my first bar (well not on purpose of course) Mom thought it looked like a fun place to eat but is it got later it turned into more of a bar atmosphere...Mom kept elling Aunt Hales I can't believe I have my baby in a bar!!! Aunt Hales said it was fine though because out in Cali no one can smoke inside (& it was also a resturant) said that it was still a good thing they were finishing up and paying the bill as the night crowd rolled in!

My first plane ride!

Well Skylar had her first big trip...we went to LA the week of the 16th (for my training), luckily Hales flew with us (and watched Skylar during the day while I was in training). Our trip out was great Skylar slept on most of the trip and Haley was a big help (two extra hands makes a HUGE difference). These pics our on the flight out...there are no pics from our flight home because most people just looked at me like I was a crazy lady for traveling by myself with an infant. Skylar was still great but people just rude, help a girl you know...honestly I would fumble a bag and instead of helping me pick it up people would just stare like was the best entertainment they had seen in a while...I did manage to get home (with everything that I had started with), but it was an experience that I would perfer to share with someone else and not try alone again!!

Skylar's Baptism - April 15, 2007

Skylar was baptized on Sunday April 15. We had a very nice time with the family and friends that shared the special day with us. Skylar did not even cry during the baptism. She has a new fascination with fans and there are fans at church so she just watched those the whole time! She wore the baptismal gown that I wore 25 years ago when I was baptized, very special.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Look what the Easter Bunny brought me...

The Easter Bunny brought me a new mobile for my crib and I just love it...I lay in my crib and talk to the little birdies while listening to the classical music. The Easter Bunny sure was good to me!!

Riding Mo-Mo's with Macky

We were over at the VandenHout's yesterday so that I could take Jayce's pictures. We were supposed to get some of Mac too but he just wanted to play, good thing Haley stopped over because she was a big help in keeping him entertained! Anyhow~ Mac was riding his MO-MO and wanted Skylar to ride too. Macky was concerned because Skylar didn't have a mask to wear while riding but I don't think she minded! All in all I think that she enjoyed her first mo-mo experience. I know her daddy thinks its cool now but I don't know if he will feel the same way when she is older and boys want to take her for mo-mo rides:)
Thanks for a fun time Macky:)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Holy Moly, Skylar is 3 months

I really can't believe that she is 3 months old already, gosh the time flys. She is still just a great baby, wonderful personality. She is pretty laid back most of the time, but when she wants to she can show quite the attiude. She is now 12 lbs. 2 oz and 24 inches long. She is still sleeping great, usually about 10 hours a night, but we can only get her to nap on occasion, she just doesn't want to miss anything. I figure I would much rather have her up woth me during the day then up when I want (& NEED) to sleep. She smiles all the time now (except when I am taking her picture, of course)! We reall ycouldn't ask for a better baby, we are truly blessed!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

our sweet niece kailyn

I took this picture of her yesterday while we were over at Chris' mom's house, isn't she a sweetie?


Just wishing everyone a very HAPPY EASTER! We celebrated with the Winquist-Frye's yesterday. Today was church and brunch with G'ma & G'pa Frye and Uncle Cam & Aunt Hales...then stopped to see G'pa Mueller. Skylar got to dress up in her pretty dress...we are kinda thinking that she is not fond of being all dolled up, everytime she is in a pretty dress she totally blows out her diaper, gross I know, but it is like it is her revenge for us dressing her up! The rest of the day we are just going to lounge enjoy the day. here are a few pictures:

mom, aunt hales, aunt ali, & uncle cam

g'ma & g'pa frye (chris' parents) with us

g'pa mueller (ash's dad) & sky

Are You Looking at ME???

just a funny face...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Endeavor

ok so no pictures to go along with this post and for once the post isn't about Skylar....While I was on maternity leave I took a lot of time to think about my current job and if I was going to continue working what I wanted to do with myself. After lots of thought and prayer I came to the conclusion that I needed to look for something new. I truly believe that my prayers were answered and God has presented me with a wonderful new opportunity.
My last day with LandAmerica will be on April 5, it will be hard to leave since I have worked there for so many years and really grown up there, literally! But the time has come that I see what else the world has to offer me...I have accepted a position with H-Wave as a sales consultant, I will be calling on area doctors and physical therapists, the product I will be 'selling' is an external electro-wave form stimulation device used to treat chronic pain. This job will allow me to expand my skills in the sales field but will also allow for me to work with patients and ultimately help people get better, what a gift! I will be traveling to LA on April 15 to begin my training, after spending 6 days in Cali I will come home then I will spend 3-4 more days in Chicago for some more training. Please keep our family in your prayers as we go through these changes, this is an exciting (and a little bit scary) time but I know that this is the right move for me. I will be sure to keep things updated on the blog to let you all know how the new job is going.

I sure am gonna miss you know how far away LA is?

well in just 2 short weeks my Aunt Hales in moving to LA..:( I am really sad about it because I enjoy the time we get to spend together (she watches me a couple days a week while mom is at work). Even though I am gonna miss her tons I know that she is gonna have tons of fun living out there and that I will get to go visit! So anyhow~ Good luck Auntie Hales, I love you!!! (and mommy is gonna miss you tons too!!!)

Look at those cubby cheeks...

So I got big cheeks...


I got a BUMBO chair and its tons of fun! I am still getting used to sitting up and looking around but I really like sitting up like a big girl and watching everything that goes on around me!