Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vote for Skylar

Click the link below, it will take you to the site to recommend Skylar for American Baby magazine. They will be selecting 5 finalists to go to NY for a photo shoot then the winner will be on the cover of the December issue of American Baby!

Let's see Skylar on the cover!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend in Chicago...

This past weekend we took a little family trip to Chicago. My childhood (best) friend was in town (from Portland, OR) and although we have kept in touch all these years we have not seen each other since 1998, 10 years! It is so much fun to reminisce with an old friend about all the funny things we did as kids. Erinn and I met in preschool and went through the 4th grade together than her family moved to Texas and a year later my family moved to Michigan! I also got to catch up with her parents and her sister and meet her finance, Dustin (who is great) and I can not wait for their wedding! Here are some pics from the weekend!

Erinn and Me ( i am gonna have to dig out one of our old pics to show you how we've changed over the years, it will be a good laugh for you all, we used to dress a like!)
Erinn and Dustin

The Keithley's minus Josh and his wife Kari, hey Dustin you gotta work on your poses to be a true part of this fam:)

myself with the Keithley sisters, Erinn & Sarah

On Sunday after we left the hotel we took Skylar downtown to Navy Pier. Our plan was to go to Shedd Aquarium but after walking around and lunch and all we decided the aquarium might be overstimulation so that will be on another trip!

at the fountain

my cool girl in her glasses!

In front of Navy Pier they have a fountain that the kids can play in and Skylar loved the dancing water(where it shoots up out of the ground). She would get down on her hands and knees and try to get it when it disappeared which would then lead to her being shot in the face with the stream of water when it reappeared! After she got upset a couple of times she started to thin it was very funny! The fountain was a great way to cool off and end our day at Navy Pier!

So when we were in Chicago we decided to go see the Sear's Tower, I must say we were slightly disappointed, it was not at all what we expected! haha...

Monday, July 21, 2008

So as promised here are a few of the pictures from Saturday. As you can see Skylar is at a stage where smiling (& most everything else) is on her terms. It is a slight challenge being her photographer and mother at once...Good thing Grandpa was around to at least get her to look in the direction of the camera. She did pretty good, but as you can see from the last picture when she is done she is done!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Flower girl

A preview of her 18 month photo shoot!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

18 months old with serious attitude!

Last week Friday Skylar had her 18 month old well child check up, it seems crazy that she is a child /toddler and not a baby now. She checked out great! She now weighs 23 lbs. which puts her into the 35% for weight and she is a tall 33 inches, 83% for height! She is constantly on the move running and jumping, talking your ear off. As it says in the toddler books, her favorite word continues to be NO, even when she means YES (we know this because she shakes her head YES as she shouts NO). And when Skylar means NO you will definitely know! At this point she says so many words probably over 100, and any word she does not usually say if you ask her to repeat it she will. She loves animals and can tell you what most animals are and what noise they make. (Last night she pointed to a picture in my dad's office and told me it was an elk, seriously a smart little girl...she doesn't know the noise they make yet, grandpa is teaching her her the say "shoot me" I think he wants a hunting partner) Skylar also knows most all of her fruits. And she is calling her Aunts and Uncles by name ( well at this point she thinks Haley is also called Boo, but I think she just does that to get Hales, otherwise she calls Haley ~HaHa.)
She is also very fascinated with motorcycles, she truly is her fathers daughter! Whenever we are driving around she will spot them like a hawk and yell "Mo-Mor" until I acknowledge the motorcycle then she'll say brroom-brroom! Oh and another thing she is not really into having her picture taken...hmmm wonder why, so instead of a sweet smiling 18 mo old Skylar this is what you get.....

She is an absolute joy to be around. And even though her attitude can conflict with my ideas of what we will be doing, I enjoy all of my time with her, and besides its just a phase right...( i know i know this may last a couple or twenty years).
I am going to try to get her 18 mo pics done this weekend, maybe attitude permitting:)