Monday, August 25, 2008

She is getting to be such a big girl...

She is growing up so fast and becoming such a big girl. For about the last 4 months I would ask her if she wanted to sit on her potty before bath time. I am not pushing potting training on her, I know its a little early. Well right away she thought it was fun then a month or so ago she insisted on having toliet paper to wipe when she was done. She never actually went but I thought it was cute that she was going through the correct process! Well tonight same routine: before bath sit on the potty, then bath...after her bath she insisted she sit on the potty again, so she did and I ran to grab my camera because who wouldn't want their picture taken while they are sitting on the potty???
Anyhow she went through her whole routine, wiped, put the toilet paper in the potty told me she was all done and stood up...thats when I realized she HAD ACTUALLY gone potty !!!!!! I was so proud of her, she got a big smile on her face and gave me high five!! Then of course a little treat of a couple of m&m's, hopefully that incentive will keep up the progress. Anyhow I just couldn't believe it and had to share with you all how big my baby is getting to be!!!
(and it would be nice if she decided to be done with diapers before the baby gets here)


Happy Birthday Honey! (ok so I'm a little late)
You are so wonderful to Skylar and I and we love you so much!
You are a wonderful daddy and a great hubby!!!
We love you!!!

Day at the Zoo

For Chris' Birthday we spent the day at Binder Park Zoo with his Dad, Alisa, Michael & Kailyn. It was a fun day, Skylar really liked the goats in the petting zoo, feeding the giraffes (she was not scared at all, she would just hold the cookie out and let them slurp it right out of her hand), and of course the monkeys. She was not so much a fan of carousel. By the end of the day she was pooped out and fell asleep before we hit the highway!

That was fun! Thanks for riding down with me daddy!

the cousins

feeding the giraffe


not so sure she likes it

Alisa, MIchael, Kailyn, Grandpa, Chris & Skylar

Skylar & Grandpa Hansen

'pooped out'

Row Row Row our boat...

Last weekend we took a little canoe trip down the Rouge, it was great! Skylar did really well for her first canoe trip. We dropped in at 12 mile & Edgerton which made for about an hour and 45 min trip. We had amazing weather. Skylar was content until about the last 15 min then she screamed "OUT, OUT" until we made it to the damn. She did get slightly annoyed that she did not see anny fish and that when she called the ducks they did not come to our boat. She was a big help in trying to row with us! I think we will venture out with her again! We are so lucky that she loves new adventures, being outside and pretty much will go along with anything! Hopefully baby #2 will be the same!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Nemo Obessed...

Skylar has a new love, NEMO! She talks about him constantly (& Marlin & Dory too). She always wants to watch him and will ask everyone just in case someone will say yes! She has even started quoting parts of the movie...last week I called her Shark Bait, and she responded by squatting down and yelling "OO, Ha, Ha", she completely cracks me up!
SO Grandma Mueller decided to feed into her obsession by buying her Nemo, not one but two and her very own Nemo costume so she can be Nemo! The pictures below are of her getting her Nemos. She was one excited little girl. Up till this point she has just had a little plastic bath toy Nemo (which is no longer good enough, after she opened her new Nemos I handed her the bath toy she gave it a disgusted look and tossed it aside) So now we have 2 nemos that have to go everywhere with us (thanks Mom), and they are not that small, the big Nemo is almost as big as Skylar!
When she put her costume on she kept shouting "Me Nemo, Me Nemo"

getting her first glance at the Nemos

telling us they are her Nemos

Grandma, Skylar and the Nemos

Thank you so much for the Nemos Grandma!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Skylar's got a secret....

Yes that is right baby #2 is on the way! This pregnancy has been a rough go so far, I have been very sick. I was actually off work for 3 1/2 weeks because I couldn't keep anything down (I lost 15 lbs.) and my doctor put me on IV treatments (min. of 3 times per week) that was not my idea of a fun time...but the good news is for the last week things seem to be getting better, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! And I am slowly gaining the weight back, don't worry I will most likely more than make up for the early weight loss :)
So far everything with the baby is great. We did have an early ultra sound to make sure things were on track for development (everything was great), that was at 8 weeks and we heard the heart beat good and strong, then at 12 weeks we heard the heart beat again (such a relief) and it was a strong 164 beats per minute. So bets are out boy or girl? Chris is pretty sure it is another girl, I go back and forth. I honestly don't care boy or girl as long as he or she is healthy I will be one happy mama! We should find out the sex of the baby in mid Sept. so stay posted...wouldn't it be cruel if we found out then kept that little secret to ourselves, ya'll better be nice or we might just do that:) (not that we would be able to hold out for very long!)
I will be 14 weeks on Thursday with a due date the first week of Feb. But Dr. Murphy has promised to closely monitor things the last month because he doesn't want me to go into labor on my own (he will schedule a induction), if this baby is anything like its big sister we had better be at the hospital, Chris DOES NOT want to deliver the baby, nor do I want him to!!! So Baby Hansen will be here sometime end of Jan - beginning of Feb.