Wednesday, February 02, 2011

::snow day fun::

We survived the blizzard of 2011! We have crazy amounts of snow...2nd largest 24 hour snow fall on record! This morning we had about 2 1/2 feet against the doors, which made it a little difficult for the dogs to get out this morning, and seeing as how the snow was deeper than Bruiser is tall he was less than thrilled!
Skylar was super excited about the snow...she loves being outside and thinks the snow is just fantastic! We spent almost 2 hours this afternoon playing outside while Ari was a little cold but the sun came out and it was beautiful...I think we both needed the fresh air!

here is the little path that chris made to the front door
it was a great day with my girls!
they really do love each other

aren't they just precious!

and we had to have some bed jumping fun....the only casualty was chris' reading light...opps!

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