Thursday, February 18, 2010

{3 & 1}

so as promised i am posting (and you get pictures)! today we had 'model session' as sky called it. she has not been a huge fan of having her picture taken but she's turning a corner, every time i get ready to leave for a session she begs to come and have her picture taken today i thought i would try to convince her it was a GREAT day to take her pictures...we had decent success. decent because for the life of me could not get an acceptable picture of the two of them together, you get one happy and convinced and the other one falls off the wagon :) so goes life...but i have a beautiful picture of each of them and that is most important! there will be a day for a great picture of the two of them!
today is a beautiful day here in MI! The sun is shinning and its not too we are headed out to run some errands...enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


today i am writing with a heavy heart...i learned earlier today of serious diagnosis for a friends child! my heart breaks for them as they seek God's guidance, strength and faith. it is truly unimaginable, in an instant your world is turned upside down! as a mother you always want to keep your babies safe and allow all their dreams to come true...but what if you can't...
i am so thankful for the gift of my baby girls; however, there are times that I feel like screaming or crying or being whisked away to some far off exotic island...i am sure other moms have these moments too...and they are ok completely natural feelings...but when i hear of another mothers darkest fear becoming a reality, i feel guilty that I have been so frustrated with my healthy children...they are only acting as children do. I really don't think that Skylar and Ari devised a plan to torment me or make mess upon mess.
As another friend wrote on her blog and it sticks with me: we should be thankful that they are able to play outside and track mud in on our freshly mopped floors, that they are able to eat and spill their dinner on the floor, that they are able to voice/yell and reason their opinions because it means they are able to speak and understand...there are so many more instances that we encounter through out this journey of motherhood and we have a choice...when you hit the breaking point will you crumble or will you see the beauty in the situation for what it is... it is a constant decision, choose BEAUTIFUL! we need to remember to relish in each new day and moment, they are gifts from our wonderful creator...God is good !
so i did not write today just to ramble, as I make a conscious decision to choose beautiful I am going to try to better document our crazy beautiful lives...i used to be so good at updating and then it fell by the wayside and my excuse was 'its busier with 2' and when in fact it is, its not a valid excuse. I do have at least 2 ~ 15 minute periods every week to fill you all in on the beauty we are experiencing, life may not be perfect but its our perfect...i am not promising pictures (ok ok there will be some pictures) but at least i will update.
so here's to life...let's be thankful for what is our beauty!