Friday, February 25, 2011

growing and waiting....

so whats new since last week... well for one I am growing, well my belly anyhow~ we have 2 1/2 weeks till D-day. I however won't complain if he decides to still be a Feb. baby! He has 3 days to decide!
this is what 37 1/2 weeks looks like on me...I don't think its my best look but it could be worse :)
last week the girls also had their 2 & 4 year well child check ups!
They are both growing like weeds...

Skylar weighed in at 34 lbs (40% for a 4 yr old)
she is 41 1/2 inches tall (90% for a 4 yr old)

Ari weighed in at 30 lbs. (90% for a 2 yr old)
she is 37 inches tall (51% for a 3 YR OLD, ya and she's 2! We will have a tall girl on our hands)

as a reward for being brave at the doctor the girls got the treat of spending the afternoon at Chuck 'E' Cheese. They had a blast! Mom and Fred met us there for an afternoon of fun...we all slept good after (pretty sure mom and Fred did too)

sky riding with Chuck 'E'
Ari playing a game with Fred's help!

Other than that no big excursions for us...we had another good snow storm this week, but today its beautiful and sunny! Although we love winter we are also looking forward to spring so we can get out and walk, go to the park and maybe even hit up the ice cream shop (the girls fav part of walking to town)

here is a sweet pic from yesterday of Sky 'teaching' Ari to read!
Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend! I am really hoping my next post is a BIG announcement :)


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