Wednesday, May 13, 2009 is busy...

sounds a little cliche' right? But seriously LIFE IS SUPER BUSY! I started back to work full time the first week of April! At first I was hesitant, I didn't want to leave my babies, but now that we are in the groove I have adjusted very well (the girls had no problem). WE are very blessed that mom was able to tweak her work schedule so that she would Monday's off and be able to spend quality time with Sky & Ari! It has been wonderful, a little adjustment for Skylar as now Nana has to lay down the law from time to time...I think it was her second or third week watching the girls when mom told Sky that she was doing something that I wouldn't want her to (eating play dough) and Skylar in a very serious tone said " nana, mind your business!" we have had to work on some things :) The girls are also spending 3 days a week with Miss Annie (a good friend of ours) even on the weekends Skylar will ask if she can go to Miss Annie's, it is so nice that she is comfortable and loves being at the Hedstrom house, I know that they girls are very well loved when they are there and it makes my days being away from them even easier! And then one day a week Chris has been able to adjust his schedule to have a daddy daycare day! Sky loves Daddy day but I think both Chris and Sky are looking forward to summer so that they can be outside more often! It is so great that Chris can do this not only does it give him some special bonding time with the girls but also (i think) given him a new appreciation for the role of 'mommy'!
I am keeping busy through out the week working for H-Wave and then I am also doing quite a bit with Ashley Photography. I am blessed that my dream continues to grow, and I am so excited to see what the future hold for Ashley Photography.
Update on What's new with Miss Ari~
Can you believe she is almost 4 months old? She is such a joy. She is turning into quite the talker, constantly squealing and babbling (boy is Chris in trouble). She has not rolled over yet but seems to be close, she gets half way (from her back to side) then stops. She does seem to be scootching all over, no more hanging out on our bed unsupervised...She has her 4 month check up next week, so I will be interested to see how big she has gotten, she is very long and defenietle starting to chub up! She is sleeping great usually going to bed at night around 9 pm then pu around 6, this morning I actually had to wake her up at 7...but thats only happened once!
Sky's Update~
It is amazing what a smart little girl she is...knows all her colors, can count to ten, can sing some of the alphabet, her speech is fantastic, she often uses several sentences at once to get her point across...I love hearing all the funny things she says, she has completely mimiced Chris and I. We have had to really start watching what we say when her little ears are around, we could get in a little bit of trouble :) She is also lookig so grown up, she is already 36 1/2 inches tall and her hair is starting to grow out of its mullet phase :) She actually had her first official haircut, although it was just a trim, she went to a real salon!! She is ready for summer to come so that she can get out and play, riding her bike and swinging are 2 of her favorite activities!

I will try to keep things updated a little better.... hope you all have a fantasic week :D