Wednesday, December 19, 2007

anytime now...

She will be walking, she is so close! She walks around with everything...the other day I was getting ready and looked into the hallway and she was pushing the chair from my desk down the hall. She will let go of furniture and stand but as soon as she realizes she is not holding on she drops to her knees. She will also walk with you just holding onto one of her hands...I think by her 1st birthday she will surely be walking!

like her mom...

She is already totally into phones, guess she is a little like me:)

Happy... & not so much...

funny how things can change in a matter of seconds :D~ She has quite the attitude if she is not getting what she wants!!!

Frye Family Christmas

Skylar Ashlyn...11 months old
Skylar w/ Grandpa Frye (& her new baby doll, thanks Uncle Scott & Aunt Debbie)
Look at her go...

our niece Ashley with Skylar
Grandma Frye & Skylar
our niece Chelsea with Skylar
My silly girl
Our newest niece-Makenna Lyn

Grandma Frye w/ Skylar & Kailyn

our nephew Michael with Skylar

Skylar in her pretty party dress...doesn't she look thrilled!!

Our beautiful niece-Kailyn Jade
On Sunday we braved the weather and traveled down to Portage for a wonderful afternoon with the Winquist-Frye Clan...Scott & Deb prepared an awesome meal and were gracious enough to let us all hang out for the afternoon (let's just say with 4 under the age of 5 it was a little more kaotic then they are accustomed to:D) As always Ashley & Chelsea were a huge help with the kids.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tuckered Out...

...a long day can do it to a little one!

Christmas with Grandma Mueller

Today we celebrated Christmas with my mom. We had a very nice time. It was funny to see Skylar's first experience with opening presents, or at least with an audience (she has already unwrapped a couple presents this year but it is always when we are not watching :D)! She was fairly shy about it! It was a great time spent with family!

First Visit to Santa

Today Mom took me to go see Santa, I guess I really did not see what the big fuss is about, some funny looking old guy in a red suit, I don't get it! Mom says I will someday...

Hangin' with Jayce Cooper

Today we met Meghan & Jayce at the mall to do a little christmas shopping...and let Skylar and Jayce see Santa for the first time. They both did great, no tears!
Thanks for meeting us today Meghan & Jayce, it was great to see you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Tricks

Our little girl has some new tricks up her sleeve...when we got home from CA, she was very proud to show off. She should up in our bed then proceeded to do something that looks like dancing! We are enjoying her sillyness everyday!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Aquarium

It was a pretty cool spot, we got to touch sting-rays and sharks...we got there late in the day so we did not see any pf the shows but it was still a cool place to visit!

MOre Cali...

So after the trip to Hollywood we drove down the coast just to enjoy the beautiful views. California really is pretty. on our drive we got the see the Donald Trump golf course (last year's apprentice winner got to manage it) I am sure it is a pricey round of golf, but look at those views! We had alot of fun just looking at everything, the houses along the4 coast are pretty amazing, I would love to wake up to a view like that everyday...after our drive down the coast went went to long beach to see the aquarium, but on the way we went through the shipping port, I have never seen anything so far as you can see there were trailers full of items coming in and huge cranes to lift them off the barges, it was insane. As we looked out on the endless site we couldn't help but question, do they really know what is in all of those and how do the know where they put them, someone has got to be VERY organized!