Thursday, September 27, 2007

Silly Girl...

the first pic is just to show you how she does a 'cheesy' smile & the other one is just proof of what a ham she is for the camera! She is so funny:)

Cool Chick!

wearing Aunt Haley's glasses, we are so glad she is back from CA!

Guess What.....

...we are expecting our second child next spring! I am 6 weeks along so I have forever to go!!! The baby's due date is May 23, 2008. We are very excited to be adding to our family, Skylar is such an amazing little girl and such an incredible joy to our lives it will be wonderful for her to have a sibling (that will hopefully be as good as her!).
We will keep you all posted on how the pregnancy is going and all of the exciting milestones!

Chris has his own room!

Well Chris finally has a room of his own! HE has several mounts (deer heads) that he is always wanting to hang...I of course do not want a bunch of dead animals adorning my walls, so our compromise...they go to the cabin, but I still didn't really want them in the living room, so one of the guest rooms is where the deer have found their home. I got pretty creative (on Chris' suggestion) and painted (free hand) a camouflage pattern on one of the walls, with the other walls green. I am pretty impressed with my artistic talents, so here is the proof for all of you!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007