Monday, July 27, 2009

{Skylar's modeling debut}

My friend Betsy is launching a little girls clothing line, Betsy Bee .She just completed her fall line up so we had a day of fashions shoots to get all the product shots for her website! She has asked if Skylar would model for the shoot but I told her no promises could be made, Sky has a mind of her own and we would have to see what was on that mind the day of the shoot. I also told her it didn't help that I was the photographer! But low and behold when Sky's friends arrived the day of the shoot and she found out that part of the shoot involved painting daddy's bus pink (yes he is a great sport, he let the girls paint on the VW is getting sanded next week to get repainted:} ) she was game! SO without further is Skylar's modeling debut:

*she has definitely mastered the serious model face!*

Saturday, July 11, 2009

more cousin time!

the other night we had dinner with Cari, Ryan, Tyler, Sammy, Sara, Jared, Avery & Uncle Glen & Aunt Boni. A big thanks to Cari & Ryan to hosting us all!!! :) Here are all the kiddos...5 kids age 3 and under :)
Sammy 1 1/2 yrs., Ari 5 1/2 mos., Avery 6 1/2 mos, Tyler 3 1/2 yrs, & Sky 2 1/2 yrs.

Ari & Avery

they are just 4 weeks apart, it was fun to see them together!!!

supposedly Avery is not into nuks at all but she was pretty into Ari's!

the battle was on!

aren't they sweet

Avery was trying to bite her....

we are hoping that Sara, Jared, & Avery will move back to MI sometime soon so the girls can grow up together! :)

pool time

we spent the day last weekend at wodarski's pool, we had a blast!!!

spending time with the cousins...

the other day, Michael, KJ, & Makenna came over to hang with us for a few hours....a busy couple of hours, which made me realize I am perfectly set with 2 kiddos of my own!!! Her are some pics of the kids painting! :)

michael & kj warned me that kenna did not know how to paint...well I think she did a pretty good job, other than it wasn't on the paper!!!

4th of july

we didn't get to do everything that we had planned for the day because the weather was not as great as we were hoping! But we had a great time anyhow~ we spent the afternoon and evening at Chris' Uncle Steve & Aunt Toni's house for great food, swimming and amazing fireworks!!!

Ari with Great Uncle Randy

they re-created the pyramid, Chris' Dad & his brothers

<3 LOVE this picture of Grandpa with 2 of his girls!


Sky:"Ari can sit by me, but I need a pillow....."

...just..can't stay ...awake.....

fell asleep eating her peas! :) this is like the 3rd time, it cracks us up!

always up for a challenge

so at Start of Summer they had the Euro-bounce (REALLY fun and I totally recommend it....that is if you have not been out drinking the night before) ~anyhow~ my wonderful mother-in-law bet me that I couldn't do more back flips then she could and that I couldn't out jump her....Not thinking real clearly about what I had done the night before :) I accepted the challenge, I am proud to say that I successfully beat her in both, but me head paid for it !

A day at the beach

We spent father's day at the beach! What a beautiful day!!!Skylar loved everything about the beach, and Ari didn't mind it either! :)

Bath time fun

Ari is big enough to sit in the bath tub seat! She LOVES being able to sit in there and watch her big sister!! Skylar is enjoying someone to play with!

Ari's Baptism

Ari was baptized on Sunday June 14! What a special day to dedicate our little love to God! We had a beautiful sunny day that was spent with our family! A big thank you to everyone for sharing this day with us!

the 5 cousins, talk about hard, 5 under the age of 6!!!

Florida Trip

Sorry for the ridiculous amount of pictures....I am way behind on blogging, I know I keep promising to get better but, lets be honest .... 2 girls, my photography, a full time job, a husband, and I can't forget my Facebook addiction :) So maybe you should all join FB then you can keep up with me :)

The beginning of June we made the trek down to the sunshine state. I had to attend a work meeting so we made a family trip of it so that some of my family (who made never met the girls) could get some snuggle time! We had a great time! Cameron came with us, which was awesome!We always love hanging out with him plus he was a huge help with driving, yes we drove straight through not to bad the girls slept almost the whole way!!!
We started off spending time in Monticello with Dad, Mary & Sam...we were also able to see UNcle Andrew. Sky fell in LOVE with here Pop-Pop and his horse, Sox...she was convinced he was going to let us bring the horse home! But where would we put it?!!?!? In addition to spending time at the farm we had lots of quality time with Mary which was great, I would so love to live closer so we could have more quality time together!
After 4 days we headed to Orlando and enjoyed a day at Magic Kingdom then a day at Animal Kingdom & Blizzard Beach! Sky was very excited to see Cinderella's castle and all the other disney princesses! Then at Animal Kindom she was able to see all the animals and have her picture taken with a Baboon, funny thing to be excited about huh?
Then on our way home we stopped for a quick visit with Uncle Mike & Aunt was so good to see them!
What a great mini vacay...will have to happen again sooner rather then later!