Monday, July 30, 2007

she tries to multi task...

so she was laying ther drinking her bottle and didn't want to miss out on what we were doing so she rolled herself over and was trying to drink so se could watch us...she is so funny:)

look at that personality....

it shines through...she is such a character:)

Silly Sleeper

the other night I went in Skylar's room before I went to bed to give her a kiss and this is what I saw....

...she didn't even wake up when I moved her back into her crib!

the BUMBO chair A.K.A poop chair

Ok so I don't know what it is but everytime Skylar sits in her Bumbo chair she gets the urge...and it is getting funnier as she gets older. She will now grab her feet and brace herself, turn bright red and start is so hilarious, I can't help but laugh at her everytime.

getin' some BUSTER time

I get lots of lovin' from everyone but I especially enjoy all the love from my doggy Buster. Now that I am getting bigger I lay on the floor and play with my toys and he is always right there with me...I must admit sometimes he is in my way but most of the time I love his attention. I really wish that Bruiser would pay as much attention to me as Buster does but he hangs back and scoots in for a quick kiss now and then!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day at the beach!

We were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful Michigan weather we have been having! We decided to spend the day in Grand Haven and let Skylar play in the sand for the first time! She really seemed to like it but she was a little confused and kept getting frustrated that when she would pick it up it was no longer in her hand when her hand reached her mouth! It was so very cute! It was a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well Skylar is already 1/2 way to her 1st birthday! I really can't believe that my peanut is growing up so quickly. She is just an absolute joy in our lives and I can not imagine life without her smiles and constant gabbering. She is growing like a weed, today she had her 6 mo well child visit and is weighing in at 15 lbs. 9 oz (48th percentile for weight) and is a long 26 1/2 inches (75th percentile for height). She had to get 3 shots and the funny thing is that she did not cry during the shots she just kept giving the nurse this mad look, like 'what the heck are you doing to me', she did however start screaming when I had to put her clothes back on her, go figure! The Doc says she looks great and he suspects that she will be crawling soon based on how active she is, he also says she is very bright (I could have told him that) which he said he could tell based on how talkative and inquisitive she is! Its funny she actually has a mild case of laryngitis, have you ever heard of a baby having that?!? She will definetily be our little talker.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007