Monday, February 21, 2011

little boys room

I have been working hard to get everything done around the house and had seriously been procrastinating on the little guys bedroom! It funny when I was expecting Skylar, Chris and I had the room done within 3 weeks of knowing we were having a girl!
I knew when I started planning his room I wanted something a little different and I didn't want it to have a cutesy baby feel but rather a clean, simple and vintage feel. We decided on an auto themed room (since Chris kinda likes cars :} )
I found most of the wall decor online, hobby lobby or good will. The crib and dresser are the same ones the girls had in their nurseries but I decided to refinish them to make them look more 'boyish', SUCCESS! I painted them in colonial blue and finished them with an antique glaze (MY NEW OBESSION, its so easy to use and I love the finished product!) Then Haley and I were out thrift store shoping and came across the coolest find at Salvation Army! It is an old Steamer trunk (early 1900's) we are using at as a book shelf in the room!

the full room view

here is our special find! can you believe we found it at salvation army?!? It has stickers from all over the world...switzerland, rome, egypt, japan, portugal, argentina, france...and several other places....and the best part we picked this beauty up for $18!!!!! All I did was recover the shelves with a cork contact paper, and I put lacquer over the stickers so the kids don't peel them off!

the crib and dresser I refinshed...and I made the curtains for his room!

here's the wall decor!

I still have a few odds and ends I am working on collecting to decorate but its done enough that he can come out now!!

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Love the colors Ashley great job1