Sunday, September 06, 2009

{She's on the move}

Ari is on the out world! No more putting her down and knowing exactly where she is...she is a quick one. I can't believe how quickly my baby is growing! In additional to crawling she has 2 teeth and she is just itching to stand up...if you hold her up to the edge of the couch she grabs on and stands on her own, I am sure before we know it she will be pulling up on the furniture!

{First BIG Girl Hair Cut}

Well we decided that it was time for Ms. Skylar to have a big girl hair cut! We bit the bullet and cut about 4 inches off, it looks so cute! She cried the entire time saying " I don't want my hair cut, I just want my hair and my daddy!' After they were done they spun her around to look in the mirror and and she continued to cry saying, " I just really don't like it, I really don't" :) but good news is she likes it now!!!