Monday, January 31, 2011

just a few recent pics...

we have been enjoying's a little peek into our world!

Sky turned 4 on Jan 10...where have the years gone!?!?! She has turned into quite the cool kid. She is my social butterfly, always making friends and up for new adventures!

Ari turned 2 last week...she is very much a mama's girl and VERY shy around those she doesn't know....and she's still a drama queen, in a HUGE way! :)

and here is the little guy...
6 weeks until his due date (this was taken at our ultrasound on Jan 13) He is growing right on track and we can't wait to meet him! Oh and no name yet...still working on that :)

and here is my growing belly...33 weeks in the pic, I am feeling HUGE!

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