Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gotta watch her now!

Ha...look what i did!

Well we can longer just expect Skylar to sit still, she is now totally interested in everything happening around her and wants to touch everything! I learned the hard way...Saturday morning my step-mom and i were sitting enjoying our morning coffee while Skylar was hangin' out with us in her bumbo a split second Skylar leaned over and grabbed my coffee cup, spilling coffee everywhere. While we were scurring trying to mop that up she reached over and grabbed Mary's cup, luckily we caught it before she spilled it:)

doggie kisses

i love my puppies, they totally fascinate me...& i laugh out loud when they give me kisses. Mom doesn't want them to kiss my face but when i lean down with my mouth open wide they can't help themselves! mom still thinks its gross:)

Why won't they put me to bed???

ok so i am seriously tired and they aren't putting me to bed, what gives? i know there are times when they think its bed time and i don't agree, but give me a break...they totally win, i will go to bed!

I roll like crazy now!

Cam turned 21

My little brother is now 21, he had his golden birthday last Thursday June 21. We had a nice dinner with the whlole family at BLI, the band gave Cam a shout out (which he was so thrilled about) then some generous people shared some shots with him. Chris decided to be a 'good' older brother and take Cameron downtown to the bars in Grand Rapids. I wish I had pictures to post from that, I hear Cam was at the top of his game:)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Uncle Sam

my Uncle Sammy came for a visit this past week...Uncle Sammy is mom's youngest brother (he'll be 13 soon), he has talked to me on the phone and always send his hugs and kisses long distance but he finally got to deliver them himself. It was very nice to get to know him... We had tons of fun: I went swimming with him & mommy, thn the next day Uncle Sammy & G'ma Mary took me to Meijer Gardens, and over the weekend we went to the cabin to relax, it was a great week and I am really glad they were able to visit:)

Messy is fun

Well dinner time is getting a little more challenging as Skylar is so busy now...needless to say dinner ends up all over her. She has also started eating teething cookies and LOVES them! She is so funny with them, they get all gooey and she will drop it then when you try to hand it to her she will act like she doesn't want to touch it and wants you to hold it.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

1 st time swimming

today I got to go in a swimming pool for the first time! It was pretty fun and relaxing just lounging in the floaty (a big thank you to my cousin Kailyn for letting me try hers out!). Actually it was SO RELAXING that I started to doze see I missed my nap today because of all the places we had to go! But my first time swimming was a good exeirience and I am really looking forward to doing it some more this summer!

"its rough being beautiful"

Grandpa Hansen with Skylar & Kailyn

playin' in the cool raft

Sleepy Baby


Grandpa Hansen w/ Mom & I

No Fear

Well I know I have posted pictures of our nephew, Michael, flying through the air with Chris' help...but the kid is literally fearless...Today we were at a family open house and we were swimming, Michael wanted Uncle Chris to launch him in the air. So Chris did and Michael ended up belly flopping into the pool each time, yeah I know he kept wanting to, crazy kid! But this picture really captures the height and you can imagine the way a belly flop would feel falling from that height...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

SKylar & Sky Bear

Skylar is starting to play with her teddy bear, a very special teddy bear at that...Sky Bear was made by Christopher last year on his birthday with his little girl in mind! Sky Bear is extra special because instead of using the 'traditional stuffing' she is stuffed with Christopher's very own blankey from when he was little, yes he had kept it all these years! The blankey was in pretty rough shape considering it was 28 years old and was his favorite thing for many years as a child....he had always told me he wanted our first child to have the blankey, and my thought was GROSS my child will not be touching that thing! SO...he came up with the teddy bear idea and I think it is fantastic, Skylar will always have his special blankey, just in a nicer package!!

Big Girl Tub

Well I am growing like a weed and I now can take a bath in my big girl seat in the big tub!! It is pretty cool to sit up in there but when mom starts soaping me up my little bum gets slippery and I slide around a little...

Nice Shades

Me & My Cousins

just a couple of pictures with me and my cousins, Michael & just a few short months I will have a nother little girl cousin, I can't wait to meet her!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Congratulations to the Hall family!

Welcome, Charlie Michael Hall, born 8:01 am June 5, 2007, 8 lbs 9 oz and 20 1/2 inches long! A very healthy and handsome little boy!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sittin' like a BIG girl

Well my newest trick in the last week or so is that I am starting to get my balance under control and can sit for short periods of time by myself! I always end up tumbling over but mom says thats how I learn!! We just wanted to share with everyone some pictures of me sitting up talking to my toy dog!

Full Moon

I took this picture last week and just thought it was cool and I would share!