Monday, January 28, 2008

12 month pictures

So right now Skylar is not much into to sitting for a picture, candid ones, ok fine, but don't ask her to sit and look at you. I did get a couple shots, but after about 5 she had had enough.....

...ya think??

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Up...Downs... & Gratefulness

This week has been a whirlwind...I have had 3 extremely busy days at work (working 10+hours, actually worked almost 13 on Monday!), an unruly 1 year old, and an absentee husband (he had to go to Vegas for work).

This short experience has made me see life through the eyes of a single parent and man has it made me grateful that I have a wonderful husband and I don't have to go through life alone! I cannot even imagine doing IT ALL on my own, it amazes me that so many women (a big hand goes out to both my mom and Christopher's mom, as they were single mother's through some of the tough years) live their lives like this...I know that we must take what life gives us and make the most of it but I just can't even imagine. Being a parent is such an amazing experience of highs (the amazing joy of watching your child grow, develop her own personality, and figure out life), and of course lows (a screaming 1 year old that can not be consoled, feeling helpless when you can not take the pain of an ouchie away, the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day), each and every moment is so much better when you have someone to share it with. So with that said ... I am even more grateful and thankful for love, friendship and support of my husband, God is good!
We love and miss you Daddy!

Remember to not take your loved ones for granted, to be thankful for any help that you get, and remember even on a tough day that there are other parents that due to their circumstances have a lot more to deal with and they do.... be grateful and thankful that God has blessed you with the situation that he has!

...why can't I take a bath...

Doesn't it look like that is what he is thinking...I really wish that Buster could speak, because at times it would be very funny to know what is running through that doggy brain!

Attention Seeking or Just Confused???

The other night Buster was being my shadow (whats new) and I was losing patience so I told him to go lay down...Skylar and I finished dinner then went in her room to play, I was relieved that I was not being followed...well when we walked in Skylar's room, Buster was sitting in her chair, I think he is either slightly confused or seeking some attention...needless to say he misinterpreted my command to 'just go lay down', I guess next time I should specify where:)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy 23rd Birthday Haley!!!

Happy Birthday Haley! We love you SO MUCH! You are a great sister, best friend, and Aunt! We hope you had a wonderful day!
Love & Hugs, Ashley, Chris & Skylar

12 month check up

On Friday Skylar had her 12 mo check up...She did great, lots of hugs to the doctor and smiles all around...well until shots, she was not a happy camper. She is so funny though, her dramatic side really shines through. She would of course cry during the shot then she would calm down as she cuddled with me then she would stare the nurse down and start screaming again, as if the nurse did not realize Skylar was upset with her!!! She's growing like a weed, she weighs 18 lbs. 12 oz. and is 30 inches tall. She checked out great and is right on track! What a blessing:)

Clean Plate Club, here I come!

I think the pictures say it all!

Snack Time at the NEW table...

I Love my new table. I sat at it today and had a snack all by myself! I am so lucky to have such a nice Aunt that would spend so much time to make me such a special gift! Thank you so much Aunt Hales!

p.s. you can come over to have a snack whenever you want! :)

More Cake...

this weekend we had another round of birthday cake and ice cream Great G'ma & G'pa Winquist, G'ma & G'pa Frye, Uncle Tom & Aunt Jacqueline, Ali & Aubs...we had a great time, Ali was a big help blowing the candle out:)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Skylar

My baby is one!!! I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone by! This year was filled with great moments and lasting memories. Skylar has gone from a needy infant to an even needier toddler (the problem is she is developing her own definition of 'need' which differs from mine at times). She can also be very independent! Needless to say she is keeping us on our toes and we are enjoying every moment of it!

Tonight we enjoyed a little dinner and birthday cake with some of the family...Grandpa Mueller, Aunt Hales, Aunt Boo, and Grandpa Hansen all came over to help celebrate. We had a wonderful time and Skylar was spoiled as usual, she got some fantastic gifts! Thank you:)

yummy, this cake is good!
our little birthday girl!

sitting 'cool' at the new table that Aunt Hales made balls for the ball pit!

peeking out of the new back pack...we got this great new carrier so that Sky can go with us on our cross country trips...she loved it, it has a little roof and rain windows to keep the elements out!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My little climber

Skylar is starting to be a climber...she climbs in and out of her chair and has now been trying to figure out if she can get up on the back of the chair, she also stood up in her highchair the other day, guess I need to start using the seatbelt:)

Mommy's LIttle Helper

...maybe not...

Battle of the CHAIR...

Skylar or Bruiser...
...who will win???

they both look pretty darn cute in the chair, maybe we should get one for Bruiser!!

Kissy Face

Skylar now makes this face when I ask her to give kisses...along with squeaky kissing sounds!

Best Friends Forever

Buster is honestly the best dog in the world...and Skylar loves him to pieces. Lately she has taken to crawling in bed with him , pulling on his ears, checking out his toes and his eyes, tugging on his collar and giving kisses (receiving some too) and he just lays there. Whenever she is playing with him she yells "My BA", my only guess is that it is the beginning of saying Buster. I always knew that he was a good dog, but I never imagined he would be this wonderful!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Princess now has her very own castle...

Chris is VERY Creative and he decided to turn the storage closet under the stairs (at the cabin) into a play castle for his little princess! It is very cool, there is a loft on top so when she is older she will be able to sleep in her castle and the underneath side is a little play area with her play kitchen. We painted the walls with chalkboard paint so the kids can color too! I know that Skylar will grow to really enjoy her play castle but even now without fully understanding it, she seems to love it, she will stand in there playing at her kitchen longer than she will do anything else.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Chris! The last 4 years have been wonderful... thank you for the laughs and smiles to brighten my days, for the love and support to to keep me smiling, and for your understanding when I am a little less than perfect:) You are a wonderful husband! This last year has been the best watching you also become an amazing father!! I love you!!
Jan. 2004
Jan. 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

From our family to yours, may you all have a blessed New Year!

New Year's Eve 2007

Great Grandma Winquist W/ Skylar

Us Girls...Mom, Me, & Kristine

Andy w/ Aubrie & Skylar

Aubrie - 1 yr. old

We spent New Year's with the Winquist Clan...after an amazing dinner everyone (but us, no babysitter) went up for dancing at the Ski Club. Chris and I really showed our party animal side...we were asleep by 11:00 have we become boring!!!!


There have been several occasions where people have commented that Chris' Aunt Kristine and I resemble each other (or look like sisters)... There were a couple of times on New Year's eve where we were mistaken from behind, so we thought we would take a pic to see for ourselves...and there are similarities... I couldn't pick a better twinner:)