Sunday, November 25, 2007 comes winter!

Yeah, Winter is coming, that means its almost ski season!! Mom and Dad said this year I can just watch but next year they will teach me, I can't wait:) puffs!

She just loves ' is so funny when she drops them, she goes looking for them but never finds them because Buster is waiting:)

Uncle Cam

As Skylar has grown she is becoming very fond of her Uncle Cam...there was a time when she was not so sure of him but now she can't get enough. She absolutely LOVES him! These pics are from the other day, he was reading his magazine and she stood up next to him and rested her head on his shoulder to look at the magazine with him. It was so cute.
We love you Cam!

Skylar & Haley

We had the pleasure of Haley & Cameron spending the holiday at Caberfaye with us! It was so nice to relax and enjoy the family. Skylar really enjoys the special times with her Aunt Hales!!

What is Daddy doing...

Last weekend Chris was burning leaves at the cabin. It was so cute Skylar was standing at the slider pounding on the glass yelling at her Dada. She is turning into such a daddy's girl, she is always so curious as to what he is doing, and she always wants to be with him!

Dad's Diaper Blunder...

I just couldn't resist...thank goodness I caught it before we had a big mess...I think there is a reason Diaper Thongs have not become a new fashion for stylish babies:)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


...our miracles turn out differently than we think they will. Sometimes we don't understand why. Sometimes our miracles are angels.

Our little miracle is now an angel. We found out on Monday that our baby had stopped growing and had no detectable heartbeat ( so I had to undergo a D&C on Tuesday).
Life sometimes can be so unfair or at least that is how we perceive it at the time. I know that I will get past this through many prayers and tears. God is truly amazing and although at this time I do not understand the plan here I know there is one! God Bless our angel baby.
I am so truly thankful for my perfect baby girl, Skylar, she is such an amazing joy, having her in my life helps to ease the pain of losing another! I love you Skylar!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

My Baby Girl... growing up so fast! She is such a sweetie! I love you Skylar Ashlyn:)

The Cousins..

The cousins (Kailyn 21 mos., Michael 4 1/2 yrs., MaKenna 3 mos., Skylar 10 mos.) Christmas picture!

Friday, November 02, 2007

My new tricks...

I am now getting to be quite a big girl! I can pull myself up on things and I am even starting to TRY to walk around them, but I tend to take some tumbles...Mom says I will get less wobbly with practice:)


Skylar was a butterfly for halloween. We didn't go treat or treating but we did go visit family and family friends. Since this was Skylar's first week not being at Miss Errin's for daycare we had to go visit the Wodarski's. Then we spent some time with Aunt Boo, The Bader's and G'ma & G'pa Frye!