Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beautiful Day by the Lake

Our relaxing weekend wrapped up with a beautiful day in Traverse, I am so glad the warm weather is here, its been a long time coming and it is so nice to be able to get outside with Skylar and not worry about freezing our tushys off...she loves to sit in her stroller so we try to get out for walks whenever we can. Thanks to Uncle Andrew we have some nice pictures of Chris and I and us with Skylar...

Nice Sweatshirt

Well I wish that Chris would have allowed for another picture because he was wearing matching sweat pants, he is so cute....He wasn't wearing the outfit by choice...he had gone in the pond trying to wash our dirty dog and ended up chest deep fully clothed, so he needed something clean to wear, I couldn't find anything else at his mom's cabin, so this is what he got:)
I love you Christopher!!!

Sleeping Beauty

Rides in the car have a huge affect on me...I can't resist the sleepiness!

Uncle Andrew came to visit

My Uncle Andrew came for a visit to Michigan...We have not seen him since our wedding 3 1/2 years ago. We had a great time hanging out. We took him up north to show him some of the beautiful spots in Michigan. These are some of the pictures from while we were in Traverse City and up at Old MIssion Lighthouse State Park.

Chris, Skylar & Me


Ever since Michael was little Chris has thrown him up in the air and he loved it...well at 50lbs. Michael is a little more difficult to 'throw high' now. In the spirit of being a good uncle, Chris will do it one or two times, but Michael always wants this weekend Chris told him he wanted to be thrown high by Michael, the picture kinda looks like he did, doesn't it??

Special Time with G'pa Hansen

Chris' dad made it up to our cabin for a night over the weekend. It was great to see him as always and for Skylar to get to spend time with her grandpa!

Memorial Day Pig Roast

Skylar & her Aunt Alisa

Skylar, Chris, Uncle Scott & Grandpa Frye

Skylar with her Great Uncle Andrew

The Pig

Eric & Courtney

Great Uncle Tom & Great Aunt Shirely

Skylar, Great G'pa Winquist, Great Aunt Boni, & Tyler

Kristine & Tomison

Sheri, Kristine, Boni & Mavis

Ryan, Tyler, & Cari

This past weekend we spent time up north with the Winquist side of the family... Doug cooked up a fantastic pig and had lots of help from Chris, Uncle Scott, & Uncle Andrew. It was wonderful to spend some quality relaxation time catching up with the everyone. It is so great to have family close so that we can hang out and spend time with them so often. Kailyn & Tyler just started walking, I can't wait till Skylar is able to run around with all her cousins.

Little Dog, Big Toy

Bruiser definitely suffers from little man syndrome

Chow Time

feeding time is tons of gets kinda messy though!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

more of Skylar

Isn't she the cutest?

zonked out...

Life is tough at 4 months old, it can totally wear you out!

Me & Skylar

so does she kinda look like me????

just for fun:)

Just a couple of pics from the last week. Aunt Hales, I am finally wearing the shoes you bought me:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just because..well for Aunt Hales

These are just some recent pictures of Skylar for Aunt Hales...we know that Hales misses seeing her everyday now that she is in LA so we did a little fashion shoot to show her a couple of Skylar's new outfitts:) We love you Aunt Hales and wish you were here with us!!

Night at the Cabin

We decided to spend Saturday night up at the cabin with the Winquist-Fye/Hole side of the family. We had a great time! Uncle John could not believe that Skylar had her toes painted, so we asked him if he know about sandal ettiquette...We got to spend some time with Grandma & Grandpa Frye and Great G'ma & G'pa Winquist. Skylar got some good lovin from Michael and Kailyn spent the evening hangin with the puppies, she decided that Buster was a great pillow, she really wanted to get Bruiser but he was not having any of that.


Well maybe Dad does spoil me...for mother's day he bought me my first pair of real diamond earings!!!! Pretty cool huh? He is the best daddy in the world:) I love you Daddy!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Play Time

just a couple of shots to show you all how I pass time now a days! My excersaucer and play gym are really great the make fun noises and play music, i really get excited when the lights start flashing and the sounds start up!