Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trunk or Treat...and a much needed update!

What an incredible fall day here in MI! And its about time because we have had a pretty cold and rainy season so far. So with the mild temps and sunny skies, the girls and I headed to 'Trunk or Treat' with the Hedstroms. Ari was of course just along for the ride :) But Sky loved trick or treating and getting candy, I think Halloween may end up being her favorite holiday!

We have had a lot going on in the Hansen house this fall....I have been super busy with work, photography, & life...Chris is super busy with school, and the girls are busy buy busy!!!
(to say the least)
We enjoyed family in town at the beginning of the month for Haley & Courtney's wedding. It was so great to see everyone but of course it was not nearly enough time, and there were several family members we were missing so it would be wonderful to catch up with them in the near future! Haley was an absolutely beautiful bride...I unfortunately did not shoot the wedding so I do not have any pictures to share, bummer right? My amazing friend Jaren did the photography and we are all patiently waiting to see some photos! I know they will be stunning :)

Little Miss Ari is not so little anymore...she is now 9 months old, can you believe it...time is flying by! I am trying to grasp every minute I can! She started crawling at the end of Aug and within 3 weeks was pulling to stand. She is now walking around furniture and getting pretty steady on her feet. I am betting that she will be walking by Christmas, whoo not sure if I am ready for it or not! She just had her 9 month check up and is growing perfectly...a very long 29 inches and she is weighing in at 20 lbs. (95th percent for height & 75th percent for weight) She has also come very self aware and is starting to let you know if she is not happy with certain situation (i.e. Sky taking her toys from her) She squeals pretty loud!!! She is such a great little girl even with the fact that she is becoming so aware of her ability to disagree she is most of the time a pretty laid back little girl!!

Sky is really keeping us on our toes...she is constantly making us laugh with her take on life. To see the world through her eyes, really takes any worry and stress away and leaves you with wonderful belly laughs instead <3 We are finding that she is now using our tactics against us...

a couple of of recent conversations:

sky(at 8am) : mom I want candy because I am hungry
me: ok I will make you some toast :)
sky: mom, do you hear me...look in my eyes when i talk, i am serious!
needless to say she just got toast

me: sky, ari has a red mark on her cheek, did you hit her?
sky: well mom, it was with a magic wand! and i just made her a cutie pie
(got to love her reasoning huh?)
after taking her toys away from Ari
sky: ari is a pain in my butt
then after listening to ari scream because the toys were taken away
sky: ari is a drama queen

we don't have many dull moments around here, and we love every minute of it!