Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial day weekend photos

We had a great weekend! We just stayed home and tried to get things done. Some yard work, house work, unpacking, etc. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Twins?? I know that for the last 16 months everyone has said that Skylar looks just like her daddy! I don't disagree, she does look like Chris ok ok A LOT like Chris. (Maybe just a little like me???) But in these pictures she looks like his clone...well minus the pigtails! :)

Cam, Skylar and Me. We got to hang out with Cam all day Sunday and Monday!
Uncle Cam & Sky

Chris' new toy, every summer he has to get something!

Skylar's first ride in the bobcat, she appeared to be a little unsure and she was very ready to come to mom after a photo op and a little ride around the back yard!

Our Buster Boy - 5 yrs, he is the best dog, most of the time:)

Our Bruiser Man - 3 yrs, he is such a good boy but has a severe case of 'little man syndrome'

Our nephew dog Remington - 6 mos

Saturday morning Chocolate chip pancakes, yum yum! Skylar loves them!

Meeting the neighbor horses! She was very excited she kept woofing at them like they were big dogs, we will keep working on horses say 'nay'

Skylar loves her sunglasses she thinks they are very cool and that she is very cool when she is wearing them! She takes them off but then gets frustrated when she can not put them back on by herself!

a little yard work...

the yard doesn't need much work but we have some things to do...last weekend we worked on the retaining wall and fire pit area. Here are some before and after. Next outdoor project: Playground and containment area, then landscaping around the new areas!!
Chris and Cameron did a great job on this project!!

Some competition...

A little competition never hurt anyone right??? So last night I got a call from my sister-in-law, Alisa. She said that her and Michael (our 5 yr old nephew) had a very funny conversation earlier and that Michael has decided to give Uncle Chris a little competition!

Here's the conversation:

Michael: Mommy, I want to get married!
Alisa: You're to young to get married. Why do you want to get married?
Michael: I want to get married because I don't like to sleep alone so if I get married I can have someone to always sleep with.
Alisa: Well someday you will get married, but you're to young now. Do you know who you want to marry?
Michael: YES! I am going to marry Aunt Ashley.
Alisa: Really?
Michael: Yup, because she makes good cakes and likes to do fun stuff.
Alisa: Well I think if you married Aunt Ashley you might make Uncle Chris sad
Michael: No he won't care, he'll get over it.
Alisa: Well I don't think he will besides you can't marry Aunt Ashley because she is family and you can't marry your family!

I guess Michael offered up some other possibilities for himself but Alisa had to explain a couple more times about family... in the end I guess he has decided that he will marry Bella, a little girl from his class! I must say that I am honored that Michael thinks I am that much fun though!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Smithers!!!

This past weekend our dear friends, Jason & Lindsay were married! Chris and I were very honored to be a part of their special day, Chris stood up as a groomsman and I did the photography. We had an absolute blast! The couple was beautiful (& so very much in love), the weather was amazing, the venue gorgeous...and the list goes on. A big thank to the Kooikers and the Smithers for a wonderful day!
And to Lindsay and Jason - we love you guys and are so happy to be a part of your lives!!!

Here are a couple of my favorites from the day...

The Beautiful Bride & Groom

Lindsay looked incredible!

J looking his best as well!

The whole gang!

Monday, May 19, 2008

This past weekend we had Smithers' wedding! My Dad had Skylar all day Saturday and overnight (thanks Dad!). Here are some pics of Chris and I (we don't get them to often, thanks Hal) and a couple of Hales & Court and the four of us! Check back for some of the wedding couple soon!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Day...

The flowers and card Skylar gave me, along with some new golf shoes & clubs!

she is getting so big, not really a baby anymore!

 Yesterday was a wonderful day, I got to spend the whole day just enjoying my sweet little girl and my wonderful husband! God has truly blessed me with an amazing family! The last year and a half being Skylar's mom has been so incredible it is hard to truly describe it.  Becoming a mother makes you love like you could never imagine! Its such a miracle that God blessed me with an amazing & healthy little girl, that He has entrusted her care to me, that He has given me the ability to feel such great love; I feel so unbelievably blessed to be allowed this great experience!
 Thank you Skylar for letting me be the best mommy I can be as we learn our roles of mother and daughter together! I love you sweetie!

Soccer Saturday

"gimme a hug Skylar"

Michael, Skylar & Kailyn
Skylar and Grandpa Hansen
Michael sharing with Skylar, thank you Michael!

Saturday morning Skylar and I went to cheer on Michael at his soccer game! Michael is playing in a 5 yr olds soccer league.  It is so fun to watch the kids at that age! Michael is doing pretty good for his first season of soccer.  I think that us being there distracted him a little, once he saw us he wanted to sit and hang out with Skylar. He is such a great big cousin to her, always hugging her and sharing with her! We couldn't ask for a better nephew and cousin, we love you Michael Ray!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Down at the Damn

Last night Haley, Skylar and I walked around downtown, then enjoyed our hotdogs by the damn! It was so gorgeous last night! It is so nice to be able to spend time enjoying the beautiful weather with my incredible little girl and sister!