Monday, June 23, 2008

The Zoo

Last week Skylar and I spent the morning at the zoo with Heidi, Parker, Cari, Tyler, Sammy, Sara, & Aunt Boni. We had a great time! Skylar really loves animals and knows most all of their noises. Every time we would approach a new exhibit she would begin making the animals sounds! Roaring at the lions and tiger, growling at the bears, spitting at the camels, SSSSS at the snakes and lizards, and tweet tweeting at the birds. There were some animals that through us both for a loop so we are looking into those!!

Skylar & Parker
the 3 ~ 2nd cousins

Skylar and I riding the camel, she LOVED it!

Heidi and PArker's turn on the camel

Tyler in the bird cage
she really liked the petting zoo

Start of Summer

Two weekends ago we were able to get downtown to enjoy the annual Rockford Start of Summer celebration! Skylar and I (along with our best babysitter, Kylie Wodarski) went down for the parade Saturday morning which Skylar loved! It would have been a little nicer if the extremely rood man that was with his family next to us did not stand in the road and block our view the whole time, but oh well, Skylar still enjoyed it!

After the parade and lunch we attended the Frog & Turtle races! Kylie and Cole Wodarski were nice enough to catch a frog for Skylar so that she could enter as well! She was amazed by Cole's turtle ad growled at it the whole day! Skylar's frog did not win but she did get a ribbon for participating!

cheering on her frog!
so serious, hoping her froggy wins!

Before and After

This is what the living room looked like before...well after the wall paper was removed and I had partially pained the fireplace, and the shelves had been built, but you get the idea, right?

And this after all the painting was done, we are still having the carpet replace, so I can post pictures after that is completed! We are getting there!

Crazy Hair

Skylar's hair is getting so long, I was just looking at pictures of her from just 7 months ago and it amazed me how long her hair has gotten! She is not ready for a hair cut yet (as she currently rocks out the mullet, and we are waiting for the front to catch up) but as you can see the front is appearing to get longer too, finally!

Pool time fun!

We have been loving the nice weather we have had so far this summer! Skylar is really enjoying all of the summer activities! She really likes to play in her pool (maybe she will convince her Daddy that we should have an in ground pool in a couple of years) and playing in the sprinkler.


... a summer favorite, Skylar loves them! She can't get enough and she doesn't like to share!

....and this is what happens they are gone!

Cousins Party

Fun in the pool, Buster thinks he is one of the kids!
Baby Sammy, Cari & Ryan's youngest

Kailyn, Parker & Skylar
Heidi & Parker
not sure Skylar liked the swing
but tyler LOVED it
Skylar thinks Tyler is very funny
A couple of weekends ago we had all of Chris' cousins (& their kids) over. We were missing a couple (Erik, John, Makenna, Martin, Ali & Aubrie) but we still had a houseful of people! I was all ready for a beautiful day outside -- I even had Chris up early that morning finishing our swing set so the kids all had something to play on! But of course we got a major down pour about 1 hr after everyone arrived! Nonetheless we had a great time, the kids were running around and enjoying each other's company, well the adults tried to talk over their laughter and screeches of excitement! 
It was so nice to be able to get most everyone together: Sara & Jared were home from NY, Heidi & Parker (we missed you Martin) were in from WA, and Grandma & GRandpa drove down from Cadillac. Although the rest of us live around here life gets busy and we don't see each other as much as we would like! So thanks to everyone: Cari, Ryan, Tyler, Sammy, Alisa, Michael, Kailyn, Sara, Jared, Heidi, Parker, Grandma, and Grandpa for coming and spending the day with us! We will have to do it again sometime!