Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please Pray

As we near the holiday I ask that as you all say your many prayers of thanks that you also remember this little boy in your prayers! My dear childhood friend is marrying a wonderful man who is a cancer survivor. Dustin battled the disease while he was in high school. Dustin uses his experiences to help other kids that are going through cancer treatments; his chemo pal is Nick! (more info below)

Say a little prayer....

This morning, we ask that you join us in prayer for Nick, Dustin's chemo pal, who is undergoing surgery to remove another tumor. Nick is a 12 year old boy who has been battling cancer for years. He went through his second round of treatment this summer only to find out weeks ago that there is another tumor growing in his body. He is probably in surgery right now, so we ask that you pray with us for:

1. The doctors and nurses operating on him and taking care of him.
2. Strength for his body and mind as he continues this uphill battle.
3. Peace for his family as they question the events taking place right now.
4. Courage, perserverance, and comfort for Nick as he is exhausted and tired from this LONG fight.
5. Wisdom for those around him to move forward in the right way.
6. The PEACE that passes ALL understanding...the peace that only our Lord can bring.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


So lots of new changes are in store for us next season!!! Chris and I are so excited, after lots of thought and prayer we have decided to accept the distributorship for Backyard Adventure brand Play sets, from this point on will will distribute and sell Backyard Adventures instead of Rainbow! This is a huge deal for us...since we will now be a direct distributor we will have the opportunity for a lot of expansion, we will have 2 sub-dealers, one in Kalamazoo and one in Traverse City. We are excited about this opportunity to grow these territories through our sub-dealers. And in coming years we are planning on then opening other locations! We have a lot of changes we will be going through this winter to get ready for a big kick off in the spring!!!
I will be taking a more active role in operations of the business helping Chris with the growth and expansion. I am looking forward to working more as a team and helping him with our future growth!!! Hopefully my years in sales and marketing will really payoff, now I just need to learn swing sets like the back of my hand :D
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we transition through these next several months.


On Saturday we took Skylar to visit Santa...I wasn't sure what she would think but she had no problem sat on his lap told him what she likes and talked with him about his 'deer'! It was so cute!! :D

Visiting Heidi

Heidi & Chris in the cock pit

the C130

the cargo area with the tail being put down

cock pit controls

Chris pretty excited about 'flying' or pretending

Chris is testing out the night vision

ready to hit the flight line, don't forget the protective ear wear

Me & Chris on the flight line, it was so cold and windy

Me & Cpt. Heidi

trying out the NVG...very cool

Recently Chris and I had the opportunity to visit my dear friend Heidi! Heidi and I met our freshman year at MSU and became instant friends...after graduating she was off into the Air Force. She is now a captain with the USAF and a pilot too!!! I have not seen Heidi since the summer of '04 since she has been constantly busy with pilot training and tours to the middle east! But the opportunity came up and we jumped on it so we visited her and it was great a short visit but none the less wonderful! She took us on base and gave us a tour then took us out the the flight line to see the planes and even had it arranged for us to go in the plane she flys. Heidi is currently a co-pilot on a C130 but as of March will have enough hours and expirience to transition into head pilot (or whatever they call it)!!! The C130's are huge, we went back into the cargo area which the transport everything from supplies to para troopers to injured troops. It was pretty cool. Then she took us into to the Night Vision Goggle testing area so that we could try those out! They were pretty cool but I think I would have a major headache if I had to wear those for extend time periods like night flying!
After touring the base she treated us to a fantastic dinner!!! It was so great to see her! She will be home at Christmas so I am really hoping to be able to get together for a more extended visit then!!! Thanks Heidi!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sara's Baby Shower

Saturday morning we celebrated Sara's pending arrival! We had her shower at Arnie's Old Mill in Rockford. It was a great time. We can't wait to meet her new baby girl!!
After the shower since the boys were away hunting we had a very fun girls day!! We did a little shopping and then went to the Mud Room in Ada and painted our own pottery. I had not done it in years so it was fun to get creative!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family update...

All is good in the Hansen household...just thought I'd give a quick up date. I am 28 weeks pregnant now, which is hard to believe! It really seems like it is going very quickly. We have a lot to do, we have not even started on the baby's room, funny with Skylar her room was done when I was like 21 weeks along...guess we are slightly busier with this go around!
We usually head to the cabin for Thanksgiving but this year we are going to stay home so that we can hopefully knock some projects off our to do list...wish us luck we have been working on the same 2 items for about 1 1/2 months..yikes we are serious procrastinators....but noses to the grind stone we WILL get the projects done over the thanksgiving holiday!
I am feeling pretty good, and growing (yes I will post a belly shot soon)! Doc says everything looks good, baby girl is right on track. I am more tired it seems with every day but today at my ob apt they said that I was anemic, so that could be why, hopefully the iron supplements will help. On VERY POSITIVE note I have been free of migraines...I started going to a Chiropractor (where Hales is working) and within a couple of adjustments I noticed that I was not getting any headaches, amazing!! So needless to say visits to the chiro are becoming part of my normal routine, I'm a believer!!
Sky is doing great, everyday more words are added to her vocabulary and she is always making us laugh. Yesterday we were driving and I was singing..I turned around and she had a very annoyed look on her face, I asked her if she would sing with me and she said "no singing mommy!" So I asked her if I was a good singer and she said very seriously "no mommy no" Well at least she's honest right :D On another note, Skylar is so sweet she will always say 'hi baby' and rub my tummy... we are always telling her that she is going to be a big sister and that we'll be having a baby in our home soon...I think she gets it just not sure she is a 100% O.K. with the idea...but she'll be fine I am sure!
Nothing new with Chris, he's still busy...winding down a little and really looking forward to ski season and some down time :D
Hope you are all enjoying your fall!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Skylar's new Buddy...

On friday night we got to hang out with old friends...Chris and I have not seen Mark & Renee Spica in 5 years. While long story short we were able to reconnect and they came over for dinner with their adorable little girl Lexi. Lexi is 9 months older than Skylar and they had an absolute blast together, giggling and belly laughing the whole night long! Chris and I also had a fantastic time catching up with Mark and Renee too. We are hoping that we will be able to get together again soon!

they girls played on the stairs for a while and they were laughing so hard they had us laughing as well, it was contagious!

say 'cheese'...yes this smile is cheesy!!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

diva in training

Practicing in her high heels!

Happy Birthday Mom!

On Tuesday we celebrated Sheri's birthday. Sheri, Doug, Grandma & Grandpa Winquist all came over for dinner! We had great time!
Happy Birthday Mom, we love you!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween 2008

What a fun day and busy day! Before we could go trick or treating at home we had some places to visit. WE trick or treated at Grandpa Hansen's office (and got lots of goodies), we visited Grandma Mueller at her work and we visited Ha Ha's office and Ya Ya was there too!!!

Then we got to trick or treat in the neighborhood, Grandma & Grandpa Frye came over and walked the neighborhood with us! Skylar did a great job, but she she did get worn out!!! She would act pretty shy as she went up to the doors but you can tell the smile on her face it was all an act...then after she received some candy she would run back to the sidewalk and yell 'thank you'. She was too cute!!!