Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Thursday night we carved pumpkins! Skylar loved it, she wasn't phased by the 'goop' one fact after she pulled all the guts out she got bored waiting so she put them all back in!!! Chris tried a new carving technique, he decided to use his dremmel tool, it did work but if if does that next year he will be carving pumpkins in the garage, that thing sent pumpkin shavings flying everywhere!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

little bit of sass...

I think the picture explains pretty well...

just call her linus...

So yes at times Skylar and her 'blankie' are very cute...then at other times I wonder why did we let or insist that she use that blanket! I thought when she started showing attachment to this purple silkie it would be wise to buy another so that we could wash one and use one...well that lasted for a little while then she got smart and realized there were 2!!! Thankfully she doesn't always have to drag both around but she can become upset if TWO blankies don't come with us!!

so is it a lesson learned...we'll see with the new baby :)

Skylar and the Boys

Skylar absolutely loves her 'boys'... And as you can see they seem to really love her too, or a least tolerate her!!

baby girl hansen update

So finally here is our newest little munchkin! We had an ultrasound almost 3 weeks ago, we actually have another next week :) I love getting to see her every month through the ultrasound! She is growing right on schedule, it is crazy to believe that in 15 weeks or so we will get to meet our baby girl & Skylar will be a big sister!

Skylar & Riley friends! WE had a play date with Riley & Shelby! We had a great time. The girls are 5 weeks apart! Thanks for having us over Shelby, we need to do it more often!!

Mindy's Baby Shower

Last weekend Skylar and I got to go to Mindy's Baby Shower! We had a very nice time, Skylar even helped Mindy open a few gifts (thanks Mindy)!

the 3 Pregos!
I'm due Feb. 7, 2009 (24 weeks here)
Mindy's due Nov. 20, 2008 (35 weeks)
Angie's due Feb. 15, 2009 (23 weeks)

yes...i did that...

So I used to be a HORRIBLE painter, ask anyone that had seen a room I painted, it was BAD!

Well my skills have improved...I painted our laundry room with PLAID!!! It was a practice room because I want to do one wall in the baby's room in plaid but Chris was a skeptic and said I could not! So off I went to prove him wrong...I think I succeeded, let me know what you think!!!

I can't wait to start on the baby's room!!!


Tuesday night Skylar and I went to Robinette's for a play date with Livy & Jaren. As always it was great to see Jaren and 'catch up'...the girls seemed to have a good time as well (sorry no pics of the two of them), but I think we've decided our next playdate will have to be at one of our homes so that girls are confined by 4 walls :) and there will be more of an opportunity for us to chat!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Skylar & Aunt Ha-Ha

Aunt Ha-Ha is teaching her to what?

...DRIVE! Hales watched Skylar for us for a couple of hours on Sunday so that Chris could finish up a job he was working on and that I could do a photo shoot. Thank you so much Haley!
I think Skylar had fun with her Aunt Ha-Ha. She absolutely loves to drive, so they sat in Aunt Ha-Ha's car and pretended...

Doesn't Skylar look like she is having the time of her life:)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've said time and time again that Skylar has a serious personality, and boy does she! Last night was a classic example...after being gone all day I was sitting on the couch with Chris and Skylar came over 'up momma, up!' so up she came...I was trying to tell Chris a story, Skylar was kneeling on my lap and (as I am telling my story) Skylar leans in close and says 'shush momma shush', then turns around and sits between Chris and I. She was so serious. So as Chris and I are trying to not completely bust out laughing, i asked her 'Skylar why did you just say that to mommy', again very serious she turns to me and says very matter of factly 'shush'.
Can you believe least it was 'shush', and not something worse!~

Friday, October 10, 2008

What's new with us...

Ok, so I know it has been forever since I have posted, we've been busy! I have had a couple of wedding so far this fall with another tomorrow and one more in November. Then some family shoots and senior pictures on top of work life is busy!
Thankfully we had a great year at Win Rec, record sales, which in the current economy is such a blessing! But I am very glad the season is coming to a close as it will be nice to have more time with Chris. I think he is ready for a break he worked his but off again this year! We have big plans for next season so we will have a busy winter restructuring and working through those details but we are both super excited about the future of the company!
Skylar is doing great. She definitely has personality plus! I think if you look up drama queen in the dictionary you may find her picture. She is talking all the time, she is very bossy, she does not like to be told no, and she has her independent streak but loves her cuddle time! We are truly blessed with an amazing little girl!
The pregnancy is going well. Its hard to believe that I am almost 6 months!!! Yeah for being more than half way! Since I have passed the horrible nausea I had in the beginning things have been pretty smooth sailing. I have had to deal with migraines (*horrible*)but luckily those seem to be coming less frequently. Baby girl seems to be a mover (which she'll need to be if she plans on keeping up with her older sister), she is most active at night as I am trying to go to sleep.We did have another ultrasound last week and she is looking good, she kinda looks like Skylar, I think. She is measuring a little small but still not enough to change the due date! I think that the due date will be here before we know it, with the holidays fast approaching, time will fly!!
We are planning on starting the nursery in a few weeks, but I still have not completely flinished Skylar's room so Chris and I need to do that first! We also have to start looking for a 'big girl' bedroom set for SKylar because we would like to have her out of the crib before the baby comes so that we do not need to buy another crib.I am not sure how she will do but thats why we are going to start introducing the idea to her before thanksgiving hopefully so that she has plenty of time to decide it is a Fun thing.
That pretty well wraps things up, we are looking forward to winter and the approaching ski season, so as always when the snow starts to fly the invite is out for visitors to Caberfae!!

**my girlfriend Kelly took that fantastic picture of Skylar and me**

Happy (belated) Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! We love you!!

We celebrated Dad's Birthday on Sunday night, it was lots of fun! Everyone was over we enjoyed lots of good food and family time!
Sky looks thrilled to have her picture taken...

Dancing Queen

Skylar with GREAT-Grandma & GREAT-Grandpa

Dancing Fool

Is she doing the Charlie Brown?

3 weeks ago we were at a wedding, Skylar's very first to be invited to! And she LOVED the reception, she was a dancing queen until about 9:30 pm when she was still dancing around but with her eyes hardly open! SO we decided to call it a night!