Monday, October 22, 2007

This past weekend was so beautiful, we were up at the cabin and the fall colors are amazing right now. We did some color tours, which did I mention the colors were incredible! And we took some family pictures, we don't get us all in the picture very often, and let me tell you it is a slight challenge with a camera timer, tri-pod and 9 month old!

The loves of my life...

Isn't this cute? I just love watching the two of them together...I am sure someday it will be more trouble than cute as they scheme against me in a plot to get all the 'toys' Chris will convince Skylar that they need!

Wanna be like Dad...

When we are at the cabin Chris gets pretty into his video games...his newest toy is a steering wheel controller with foot pedals and everything. Skylar crawled over and climbed in, I am sure she will be into cars and driving just like her daddy!

Skylar and Chelsea

Our niece Chelsea is so great with Skylar. We got to spend some time with her 2 weekends ago and she was a big help with Skylar while I was doing her sisters senior pictures!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

So tired, just can't fight it anymore!

She was having a little drama queen moment, getting very upset because she couldn't crawl and drink from her bottle at the same time. I went into our bedroom mfor a moment and she stopped screaming, I came back out to see what she was up to ... just sleeping!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I really can't believe she is alreay 9 months, the time has gone by so quickly!! Skylar is doing fantastic. We had her 9 moo check up on Thursday and she is surely a peanut, she is 16.5 lbs and 28 inches, which puts her in the 20% for weight and 70% for height. She is right on track with all of her major motor skills (crawling, sitting, interest in pulling up, etc.) and she is a little ahead on her fine motor and verbalization. It is really cute her new thing is to point at things, she is so precise and accurate when she does and gets so serious too! She gets more and more fun by the day, she really loves to get into anything that she shouldn't, so she is starting to hear the word NO but doesn't quite understand yet, she just laughs when you say it, so we will continue to work on that:) I will post more pictures soon, sorry I haven't been so good, but life is keeping me VERY BUSY!!!