Monday, June 23, 2008

Start of Summer

Two weekends ago we were able to get downtown to enjoy the annual Rockford Start of Summer celebration! Skylar and I (along with our best babysitter, Kylie Wodarski) went down for the parade Saturday morning which Skylar loved! It would have been a little nicer if the extremely rood man that was with his family next to us did not stand in the road and block our view the whole time, but oh well, Skylar still enjoyed it!

After the parade and lunch we attended the Frog & Turtle races! Kylie and Cole Wodarski were nice enough to catch a frog for Skylar so that she could enter as well! She was amazed by Cole's turtle ad growled at it the whole day! Skylar's frog did not win but she did get a ribbon for participating!

cheering on her frog!
so serious, hoping her froggy wins!

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