Monday, January 26, 2009

A special bithday surprise...

This year on Jan 20 I celebrated my 27th birthday! I can't believe I am 27, yikes! But although 27 isn't really a 'BIG' birthday year it was for me...Chris and I were pleasantly surprised by the birth of our second daughter, Ariadne Grace Hansen.
Ari's due date was Feb 7, 2009 but we had scheduled a induction for Jan 31, so thats what we were expecting. Skylar didn't come early and although I wanted Ari to come early I did not believe she would :) But surprise!
Ari was born at 8:06pm on Jan 20, 2009. She weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. She is perfectly healthy! She reminds me a lot of Skylar but she has some of her own features (some are saying maybe more of my features). She does have my crooked pinkie fingers, and I figure she should bear some sort of mark that she is my child since I did spend our birthday in labor all day!
Her full name is Ariadne (pronounced : R-E-add-knee) which is after Chris' amazing grandma, whom we love so much! We are calling her Ari (R-E) for short.
We are settling in to a slightly more hectic life but we are loving every bit of it. Skylar is a fantastic big sister very concerned for Ari. Sky has been a little upset by the fact that Ari won't go play with her but tends to be content that Ari will watch movies with her:)

Here are a few pictures I will try to stay on top of updating but for now some of our first photos...

Our family of 4!!

Ariadne Grace Hansen

Skylar is a proud BIG Sister

already camera shy :)


Mindy and Sean said...

Chris, Ashley, and Skylar,
Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby girl! I'm so glad to hear that everything went well and she's healthy. What a great birthday gift for you, Ash! I really see Chris in her in that picture where she's crying (no offense Chris!). I'm looking forward to meeting her.
P.S. Thanks for the pronunciation key. It really helped!

Dan, Tracy, Gracelyn & Olivia said...

What a perfect gift! I think she is gorgeous and I LOVE her name too. Congrats!

Sean, Kelli,Jonah and Laney said...

Happy Birthday Ashley, what an amazing gift. My sister was born on my 4th birthday and it is so much..... my parents are 7 years apart and have the same birthday too! enjoy all the crazy, fun days. Congrats, you have 2 beautiful girls.... God is good

Aaron, Katie, Kylie & Ava said...

You have two very beautiful girls! Congraulations on Ari and what a wonderful birthday present for you! Hope you are doing well adjusting to being a family of 4!

The Bibler's said...

CONGRATS!! Two beautiful, healthy girls....what could be better!! I am so happy for you!!! Again, CONGRATS!!