Friday, January 09, 2009

An 'everything' post

Sorry I am being lazy and doing one mass post...I am way behind in updating!!! The holidays were great, we spent our time at Caberfae with all of our family. Christmas Eve we were to spend again with Chris' dad and my brother, then Christmas afternoon Hales, Court and my dad arrived, followed by my mom the day after Christmas. We also had a big Christmas celebration the day after with the Chris' mom, step-dad, sister's family, and step-sister's family! Every bit of it was great! Christmas Eve was pretty low key, decorating cookies for Santa, making Reindeer food, oh and Santa and Mrs.Claus stopped by to see Skylar and tell she better go to bed on time! It was priceless, she was so excited! Santa even brought her an early gift, a Dora doll, which she loved! Then Mrs.Claus took her outside to sprinle the Reindeer food that we made so that Rudolph could found the house! Then Chris and Sky opened their Christmas Eve pj's, this year they both got footey pj's:)
Christmas morning was a little overwhelming for Skylar she just wanted to be able to play with her toys not keep opening her presents! She was a good girl this year, Santa brought her a Barbie 4-wheeler & a make-up vanity table! They were both a hit, she kept going over and checking herself out and brushing her hair in between presents! She was incredibly spoiled as usually by the whole family!
Along with opening more presents throughout the next 2 days we did a lot of RELAXING! It was great, there was even a day or two that we stayed in our pj's till well into the afternoon:)
NYE was pretty mellow went spent it with cousins: Cari, Ryan, Tyler, Sammy, Sara, JAres, new baby Avery, Grandpa Winquist & Unlce Glenn & Aunt Boni...we were actually home by 10:45 because Skylar refused to sleep at their cabin, way to much exciting stuff:) SO I am pretty sure once we got her to bed Chris and I were asleep by the celebration changes after having kids:)
Another big milestone was our 5 yr anniversary! Hard to believe that it has been 5 yrs already, the time has seemed to really fly by! It has been a wonderful 5 years and I am so thankfully for Chris, he is a wonderful husband!
Enjoy the collage of pictures...I will try to get back on track with consistent updates:)

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